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We are in solidarity with you on your healing journey. We don't control it.

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We are now accepting clients for online individual therapy sessions. We provide therapy for racially/ethnically marginalized people primarily focused on healing from racism and other forms of intersecting discrimination.

Racism can lead to physical and mental health issues, and it can negatively affect your relationships at home, work, school, or in the community. Often people can make you feel as if you’re making it up, so our therapy focuses on validating and empowering you.


We have facilitated workshops, trainings, keynotes, and professional development nationally and internationally.




  • Cultivating an Anti-Racist Mindset

  • How to Have Courageous Conversations

  • How to Love a Human

  • Does Racism Break Hearts

Client Testimonials

Dr. Hargons is an awesome presenter and I felt grateful that she was part of ACCTA’s conference!

ACCTA Leadership Team

Candice is a rockstar – this session was great and set us up nicely for the remainder of the conference!


This program was inspirational. Speaker was excellent. Impressive yet accessible. I will be using this information.



Industries we Serve

The Marketing, Advertising & Media Industry

The Healthcare


Colleges, Universities & Education Organizations

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